.                                                VGP-6000

vgp  - v gear pump            

positive displacement pumps

Four Floating Seals at each end of the gear play the role of a preliminary mechanical seal and stop heavy particles from entering the multi lip Dynamic Seals. With periodical grease purging of this component, longer life is achieved.

Dynamic Seals are made of Viton, which withstands high temperatures, corrosive mediums, and provides longevity.  They are doubled in five places throughout the pump.

High grade Roller Bearings are running on center-less precision ground Induction Hardened shafting.

The Drive Shaft Extension has a high grade Roller Bearing and a pair of Dynamic Seals, as well as rope packing which can be manually tightened with a nut in case of leakage or in an emergency situation.

The introduction of the V Gear design to our Positive Displacement Pump is an innovation in this field.

A pair of V Gears which are rigidly installed on the two shafts (driver and driven) bring tremendous advantages.

Due to zero clearances between shafts and gears, the vibration and noise are substantially reduced.

As a result of the V Gear design, the axial force produced is practically eliminated and protects the end plates against premature wearing.

The symmetrical design of the V Gear allows for continuous flow, with less turbulances and the cavity effect is not present for normal angular speeds.

Centering of gears in the housing is controlled by the ECC Assembly (End Cap Controller) and both the Driver Gear and the Driven Gear are controlled separately to minimize end plate wear.

Friction Shields in the end plates offer internal clearance adjustment for suction improvement.


The VGP Family of Pumps include:




The Straight Through V Gear Pumps are interchangeable with existing pumps.  The 90° has the identical components as the straight through models.

The V Gear Pump is especially recommended for use in the following areas:

Brooks, Drayton Valley, Fort Saint John, Grand Prairie, High Level, High Prairie, Lethbridge, Lloydminster, Medicine Hat, Olds, Roycroft, Sundre, Taber, Northern British Columbia and Saskatchewan.


Oilfield; Crude Oil, Kerosene, Salt Water, Sludge & Waste, Fresh Water, Hot Oil Treatments.

Commercial & Industrial;  Animal Fat Melted, Liquid Pet Food, Fish Solids, Asphalt, Paint, Seal Coating, Glue, Benzene Waste, Clarified Sewage Sludge, Hand Cleaner, Clay Slurries, Paint, Fuel Oil, Etc.